February events, shows and seminars

It’s an incredibly busy February.  Historically we’d be heading to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) right now.  ISE is the biggest and best Systems Integration, AV and Automation show in Europe.  It’s also a lot of fun but we can see the key players here in the UK after the show, so sadly for the first time in a decade we’re passing on ISE.  If you go to De NachtWacht (and you really should), have a steak and fries and think of us.

Screenshot of De NachtWacht steakhouse's website

Not that we’re lounging around in our hammocks.  North Yorkshire is blanketed in snow but we’ve got three big events lined up in the next three weeks.  Tomorrow Melanie is speaking at RIBA HQ in London as part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network roadshow.  It’s going to be a packed house; pre-registrations for the session numbered 70 last week.  We also run the session at individual practices so if you’re interested in our RIBA approved seminar “Inspirational Lighting Design; the art, science and magic of light”, contact us here.

Next weekend – 14th & 15th of February – we’re showing at the Listed Property Owners Club show at Olympia.  It’s the first time we’ve done the show but we work on a lot of beautiful listed buildings.  It looks like a good opportunity to talk to people who are working on their house and want to get the lighting right.  We’re also taking along an ArtView LED Picture Light.  We developed the ArtView to light serious artwork and we think it’s the best solution for someone wanting to light significant pieces.  We’ll be demonstrating its capabilities on a piece by Louis Hurt very generously loaned to us by E Stacey-Marks, a fine art dealer with showrooms in North Yorkshire and Sussex.  If you’re interested in lighting your artwork better you really should come and see us; give us a call and we’ll get you free tickets.

Testing the bladed fitting at Bedern Hall ahead of a CPD session for York Guild of Building

The week after the LPOC show we’re doing a talk for the York Guild of Building in the wonderful Bedern Hall in York.  Rebecca and I have been there today to see how we can dress the event.  It’s a fantastic location, it has much in common with the older houses and churches we’re approached to light so we think we can do something quite striking.  The event is by invitation only but we can run similar sessions if you’ve got a group of people who would like a talk on lighting and how to get it right at a time when the technology is changing so rapidly.

All of which is a bit of an extended apology or excuse for the blog being a bit quiet since the turn of the year.  Rather like a swan we’ve been looking a bit serene and quiet but actually we’re paddling frantically below the surface.

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