External lighting for converted Yorkshire farm buildings
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Lighting design for a converted farmhouse and barns

Uplighting for the drive through stone arch looking into the lit Courtyard

Welcoming lighting for the drive through arch and courtyard

From the moment you round the corner in the driveway to see the stone arch leading to the courtyad beyone, it’s clear that this Yorkshire farmhouse is something special. The lighting scheme is simple and pared back; we’ve highlighted focal points and made the most of the extraordinary spaces, colours and textures.

The Entertainment Hall leads off the kitchen. It’s a large, double-height space with a large dining table and a cosy seating area with large, soft sofas around an enormous fireplace. The feature wall is uplit with high powered linear LED fittings that throw light right the way into the roof space. Large wicker decorative fittings light the dining table.

Lighting zones and connects the different spaces

The ground floor of this beautiful conversion is made up of a series of connected spaces with full size glass walls and doors.  The lighting helps to unify the space, taking your eye along sight lines to the focal points in the different zones.

Lighting brings out the texture and colour of the materials in the build: golden stone, warm reddish bricks and rich timbers.

Up down lighting for a corridor with a distant stone wall focal point

Corridor lighting

The upper corridor is lit with up/down lights. The uplit stone wall at the end of the corridor draws your eye through the space.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom lighting is simple with small details bringing out the lovely interior details. The bathroom shelves are lit with a soft, glare-free linear LED fitting making the shelves “float” on a cushion of light.

  • Discretely lit bathroom shelves over a freestanding bath
  • Simple, effective lighting for dramatic dark coloured bathroom