Lighting for a sleek modern townhouse
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Lighting for a modern townhouse

We were asked to design the lighting for the renovation of a sleek modern townhouse.  The focus is on the large open plan first floor which is by turns an entertaining space, a dining area or simply a place to chill for a relaxing night in.

This open plan living space (kitchen, dining, living area) needed careful design to give each area within it both interesting focal points and task lighting where required.  We worked with the client to look at the overall room design, and the discussions about the lighting design helped the client finalise the interior details.  The shelving and the staircase provide some opportunities for some real wow factor!   Also, to help create rooms within a room, we positioned and circuited the recessed downlights where the light is needed rather than just create a grid of them across the entire space.

Late night scene setting with Lutron Homeworks QS

Using the Lutron Homworks QS system we are able to create multiple lighting scenes. This scene uses mostly the feature lighting dimmed to a low level to create a cosy setting for watching a film, or for late night ‘just looks magic’. During the early stages of a design the wiring and likely scenes are already being thought about: this enables us to programme the system with a seamless flow from the initial design to the end scenes and overall experience.

ArtView picture light in a custom finish to match the frame

The client had a number of interesting pieces of art that we lit using our bespoke ArtView picture light. When lighting a painting we take in to consideration the canvas and frame width/height as well as the placement of the subject on the canvas.

On this particular piece the subject fills the canvas so a beam width and spacing was chosen to suit. The standard finish for our ArtView is antique brass but here we used a paint finish to match the frame giving the fitting a more contemporary feel.

ArtView LED Picture Light
Decorative pendant, table lamps and picture lighting

Decorative items add richness to lighting schemes

Using decorative items such as pendants and table lamps can really add to a lighting scheme.  They create visual interest in their own right, and add light in to the room where more architectural lighting such as downlights would not be the right call. Here a mixture of a pendant, table lamps and picture light adds subtle light to a dining area.


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