Layered lighting in a Medieval hall
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Lighting a Medieval & Georgian Country House

This wonderful house was first built within the remains of a medieval monastery, before having a substantial ‘extension’ added in the Georgian period.  As well as enhancing the lovely buildings, a priority was to light the clients’ art collection of painting, tapestries and sculptures.

The medieval areas of the house are lit simply to let the architecture speak

Lighting up stone doorway

The medieval hall is a remarkable space

We can’t talk about the history of this space or the building itself but suffice it to say it’s a beautiful medieval hall.  It’s filled with wonderful artwork and tapestries but it’s not an art gallery; it’s a comfortable family home.  Lighting is key to setting the mood.

The scheme features layers of light with lamps and picture lighting supporting the core architectural downlights and uplights.  Uplighting brings focus to some of the remarkable architectural features, throwing light up the beautiful stone windows and doorways.


MR C – Client

‘Brilliant Lighting stepped up to the plate in fine style. They designed a scheme from scratch to suit our (quite complex) medieval house.’

Bespoke artwork lighting for an eclectic collection

We offer a specialist bespoke artwork lighting service.  Our clients’ collection is a wonderful mix of paintings, tapestries and sculptures and each needs its own lighting treatment.

Artwork lit by picture lights from a hanging chain rail
ArtView LED picture light lighting a painting of The Infant Moses by Joshua Reynolds

Modern technologies with a very traditional appearance

The picture lighting in the drawing room makes use of the latest lighting technologies but conceals them in very traditional guise.  We used ArtView LED picture lights, each tuned to the dimensions and characteristics of the painting it is lighting.  The dimming level is set individually for each painting which allows us to pick out the detail and importantly, not overlight the paintings.

The fabric wall was a challenge.  Neither we, the interior designer or our clients wanted that to be perforated to accomodate cabling for the picture lighting.  Instead we designed a custom hanging rail system which delivers power from remote drivers to each picture while concealing the cable within the hanging chain system.

The Reynolds’ painting of the Infant Moses demonstrates just why people are so impressed with the ArtView.  Custom optics and tuning make it possible to deliver incredibly even coverage, picking out usaully hidden details, without overlighting the picture.

Mr C- Client

‘Brilliant Lighting lived up to their name, and provided an excellent service and excellent results. Results that would have graced any house in the UK.’

  • Wonderful Georgian hallway with busts on plinths
  • Wonderful Georgian hallway with busts on plinths

    The lighting in the Georgian hallway is a combination of statement decorative fittings and discreet architectural fittings highlighting architectural and artwork details.

Shelving lit with custom linear LED fittings

Discreet, glare free lighting in the family snug

The snug is a lovely comfy retreat. The shelving is home to some real family treasures with the focus they warrant. The shelving and lighting were developed together to provide a suitable home for precious family objects.

The kitchen carries on the relaxed, cosy style

The kitchen is a ‘contemporary take on traditional’, with a tall ceiling and imposing AGA surround; it’s also the heart of the home. The lighting had to be functional, interesting, warm, and simple.  The overall style isn’t fussy, the quality is wonderful.

Country kitchen with downlights an linear LEDs washing light up above the cupboards to light the ceiling

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