External lighting for a new build stone house in South Yorkshire
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Lighting a new build home, South Yorkshire

This stunning new build stone house is a glamorous and practical family home.  The lighting design makes the most of the rich textures and finishes, adds fun to the childrens’ spaces and adds to the feel of glamour in the main living areas.

The lighting is controlled with Lutron HomeWorks which is fully integrated in the whole house AMX automation system.  Lutron controls the lighting, electric curtains and blinds and provides discreet in-room audio controls.

Lighting the luxurious master suite

Soothing evening lighting in a modern master bedroom/bathroom
Uplit frosted glass dividing wall in an en-suite with uplit bath and mirror lighting

Lighting accentuates the rich hotel-like feeling of the master suite

The master bedroom suite is a rich, luxurious space with deep, soft fabrics and a beautiful modern bathroom.  The lighting scheme highlights the focal points and gives a calming  yet striking feel to the room.

We lit the glazed dividing wall with a powerful ground recessed linear wash for a soft, diffuse glow.

The bathroom itself features a wonderful asymmetric bath that cried out to be lit.  We templated the shape on-site, cabled and fixed installation sleeves twelve months before the bath itself was installed.   Small star lights embedded into the mirror deliver shadow-free makeup lighting.

Free standing bath lit with recessed uplights

The kitchen, dining room and hallway are a series of spaces connected with light

Custom Bocci chandelier in double height space

The open plan design of the entrance hall, kichen and dining room means that the lighting has to be sympathetically treated across the space with specific lighting treatments for each zone.

The kitchen lighting provides excellent shadow-free task lighting on the work ssurfaces while the barel roof of the dining room is accentuated with wall mounted uplighting.

Low level accesnt lighting directs the eyeline along the hallway up the steps and the double height entrance features a custom chandelier.

Lutron HomeWorks makes the lighting easily controllable as a single unified space.

Staircase lighting detail - recessed linear fittings built into treads of wooden staircase

Bespoke, glare-free staircase lighting

We worked closely with the staircase manufacturers when designing the lighting for this bespoke narrow staircase in the games room. Our client wanted the ”wow” factor which we achieved with a golden linear LED fitting under each tread warming the oak. As well as providing practical lighting the diffused profile means you see just the effect and no LED spotting.

Lighting for the children’s rooms is simple but effective and fun

  • lighting for a child's bedroom, simple lighting and wall art
  • Lighting for a childrens bathroom, lit niche with toys

The strong architectural lines of the house echo the nearby castle

Welcoming lighting on the pathway and around the door and porch in a new build stone house

Lighting softens the entrance

This imposing entrance to the house, with lines inspired by a nearby castle, is made welcoming with a multi-layered lighting scheme.

Ground-recessed LED lighting warms the wonderful Ancaster stone. Combining these uplights with downlights in the porch creates a welcoming pool of light, drawing your eye to the oversized front door.

External lighting for a modern new build stone house