A new lighting design case study in North Yorkshire

We’ve recently completed a photoshoot that we’ll shortly turn into a new lighting design case study. The project is in North Yorkshire; a super home created from a farmhouse and a series of interconnected barns. The lighting is simple and restrained allowing the architecture and materials to shine. Our client is responsible for the interior design and the end result is a beautiful, stylish and comfortable family home.

A softly lit living room and kitchen in a comfortable converted Yorkshire farmhouse

It’s a great reminder just how important it is to develop a lighting design in conjunction with the interior design.  When we talk about interior design in this context we’re not simply talking about materials, colours and finishes although they’re critical to the end result.  Getting the “bone structure” of the project early is the key.  When we’re in the early stages of developing a lighting design, the discussions centre around how spaces are going to be used, where things are going to go, focal points, and sight lines.  Understanding the space gives us the base we need to design the optimal lighting scheme and the lighting design follows the interior design.

Architectural lighting with decorative wicker fittings over a huge table in a double height entertaining hall

To read more about our lighting design process and how it dovetails with the interior design, have a look at our structured process for lighting design here.

Updated: 31/01/2023. The full case study is now live.

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