A new lighting design case study in West Yorkshire

This lighting photo shoot and case study have been a long time in the making. We tried to shoot the finished project in December 2021. I made a real mess of the shoot and the photos were pretty well unusable. Fast forward to February 2022 and a couple of days intensive training with Simon Warren who’s responsible for many of the great photo shoots on this site and it all went a lot smoother.

Lighting design for a contemporary, clean-lined kitchen

It’s such a super house to photograph. The house is long and thin and split over three levels. The sight lines are great and the lighting helps draw your eyes though the space. There are lots of fun spaces and we’ve used colour-changing LED which works really well with the finishes and materials chosen for the build. Coloured lighting is really polarising and we use it sparingly but at times it’s just right and this is one of those times.

Colour changing LED on the leisure corridor - Green

A big thank you to our clients for letting us shoot the house…twice, and having such clear ideas on what they were looking for in their lighting design. You can see the full lighting case study here.

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