It’s always interesting having a look under the hood of the products we sell.  Factory or headquarters trips offer a unique opportunity to talk to the people who design and make the fittings we use.   We recently became an Occhio dealer and I’ve just got back from a trip to Munich to have a look at the Occhio range, their head office and the flagship Occhio Store.

The Occhio Store in Munich

Occhio has carved itself out a unique position in the lighting market.  The products are versatile and modular.  They’ve got the solid good looks of a decorative fitting combined with the flexibility and light output options of an architectural fitting.  They can also (depending which lens option you choose) have this wonderful distinctive ‘arc’ to the shape of the light, which makes the light – rather than the light fitting – sculptural in its own right.   We’re excited to be selling them.  We’ll have some news on where you can see them in the flesh and have a play with them soon.  The range of options is massive though based around a very small number of product families with distinctive heads, bodies and mounting options.

Occhio Sento sospeso

Let’s have a closer look at just one of the fittings to explore what the fittings do.  Sento sospeso is one of the best-selling products in the Occhio range.  It’s a suspended pendant available as a single drop or a double/triple drop fitting.  The luminaire has a powerful 32W engine with light that can be redirected across the upward or downward facing light sources for maximum flexibility.  Clever internal electronics allow “Up/Down Fading” between the two light sources in the head and both can be customised with lenses, inserts and diffusors for different light effects.

Occhio Sento sospeso

Sento sospeso is height adjustable in-use to allow you to put the light source in exactly the right spot.  Gesture control makes an interesting and intuitive option for finely controlling the light for certain applications.  There’s an option to add “Air” control which allows for app control over a number of lights or group of lights, although we see that as possibly best only for a single room rather than a replacement for a lighting control system.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of the flexibility of the products.  Sento is just one of the product families.  What we can’t show here is the sheer oomph you get out of some of the fittings, and quality of the light itself.  The Colour Rendering Index of the “perfect color” models is high 90s.  It’s a fabulous light source.  If you want to know more please give us a call on 01845 525664.