“Illuminate your home”, a lighting feature in Build It magazine

We’re featured in the September 2014 edition of Build It magazine.  The article, “Illuminate Your Home” looks at lighting design and lighting control.  It’s a good overview of what a self-builder should be thinking about when considering lighting in their project.

Illuminate your home - a lighting feature in Build It magazine, September 2014

Alongside the topics of feature lighting and eco lighting, the article covers timing.  For us, getting the timing right is the most important point we’d highlight.  Cabling for lighting goes in at the first fix stage of a build or renovation.  That doesn’t mean that lighting design is a first fix consideration though.  To get the most out of a lighting scheme it’s best to consider the lighting as an integral part of the architecture.  As you’re designing spaces and deciding on focal points you should be considering how the lighting is going to work.  Thinking about the lighting in this way means that the self-builder can take the opportunity to build lighting into the fabric of the build.

Both the examples of our work featured in the article illustrate this point.  The LED lighting for the bath was templated and cabled 18 months before the bath went in.  Critically it was designed and planned for before the Underfloor Heating (UFH) went in.  The staircase lighting was designed with the building team.  Recessed into the treads, there is no glare just a wonderful warm glow.  Planning early is the key to making the lighting in your home really special.

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