Lighting control in.Design Magazine July 2015

We’re really pleased to see this photo of our lighting scheme for a private spa and pool featured in in.Design Magazine’s July 2015 issue.

in.Design magazine article on controlling LED lighting, July 2015

The article looks at lighting control systems and features a number of industry commentators talking about developments in the lighting controls market.  You can read the whole article here.

Useful Links

To read more about the different dimming types, what they offer and why you might use them, have a look at the Lighting Buyer’s Technical Reference Guide.  It’s a primer to choosing, specifying and designing with LED lighting and it’s a free download (no registration required).

We’re asked all the time about the sculpture.  It’s Mantle by David Harber and we worked with them to develop this custom-finished example with a bespoke light source.  Contact David Harber here.

The photograph in the article was by the wonderful Charlotte Gale.

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