Lighting the gingerbread house

This is possibly the smallest house we’ve seen this year.  It’s Matt’s gingerbread house which is now weathertight.  That’s just as well as the weather appears to have turned rather adverse.  The roof is on and Matt’s avoided the usual Grand Designs disasters associated with delayed windows coming from Germany by using melted boiled sweets instead.

Matt's Christmas gingerbread house with internal LED lighting

Second fix is now in progress with a simple, energy-efficient LED scheme for the interior.  Matt’s cunningly side-stepped the logistical issues of using floor mounted uplights by using an entirely surface-mounted approach.  Either that or he forgot to provision for his lighting before the underfloor heating went into the cake board…  Future plans include a iced roof with Smarties and Jelly Babies, ridge-tiles constructed from After Eight mints and a full Lutron HomeWorks QS system.

Happy Christmas to all our customers, suppliers and anyone else who follows the blog.  Our offices are going to be closed from 5:00 Wednesday 23rd December and we’re re-opening on 4th January.  We’ll be picking up emails over the break so if you need to get hold of us please drop us a line.