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LD71 Adjustable LED downlight

Mniature adjustable LED downlight, ideal for display, niches and general downlighter effects

It is very discreet with the LED set back 10mm to reduce the glare with a maximum tilt of 25°.  The fitting delivers a punchy maximum 195 lumens at 3000K

Available in a number of outputs with a choice of LED colour, lens angle and bezel finish - custom made to your requirements

Requires a remote driver - see technical information for further details

Colour rendering is excellent, 93CRI as standard

Longevity is achieved with very good thermal management, the fittings have a 50,000 life expectancy and a 3 Year fitting warranty

UK FlagDesigned and made in the UK.

Average delivery 2-4 Weeks
Lamp Base N/A
Light Source Dedicated LED
Energy efficient? Yes (Part L Compliant)
Fitting Input 350mA, 500mA, 700mA
Max Watts/Fitting 1.2W @ 350mA / 1.7W @ 500mA / 2.4W @ 700mA
Max output (Lumens) at 3000K

350mA:-  75lm
500mA:-  99lm
700mA:-  127lm

What is this?

How hard the fitting is run. The higher the mA the more light output.

What is this?

We'll tell you how many fittings you can drive with your driver option on the next page.

What is this?

The colour of light. We use 2700K and 3000K most often.

What is this?

The narrower the beam the more focused the light and the further it travels.

What is this?

The colour and finish of the bezel.

What is this?

Chose a fixing method appropriate to where the fitting is going.


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LD71 is a miniature adjustable LED downlight - 25° tilt, ideal for display, niches and general downlighter effects

To get the perfect results to suite your application you choose the product attributes (eg - output, beam width etc) The higher the current (mA) the fitting is run at the more light you will get

Hidden fixing method using spring clips - no screws

IP40 rated - see LD71/IP54 for higher IP rated option

With delivered lumens of 195 (when run at 700mA) and a CRI of 93 the quality of light is excellent and longevity is achieved with very good thermal management. LED lifetime (to 70% lumen maintenance) 50,000hrs at a max ambient temperature of 35°C

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Driver options

The LD71 is a constant current fitting which requires a driver to run it, drivers can run multiple fittings but fittings must be wired in series

With an appropriate driver the fitting is dimmable via 0-10V, DALI and Mains leading/trailing edge or non-dim. Please select dimming type on options tab above and that will take you through to a page detailing how many fittings you can run per driver 

Installation Notes

The fittings should be wired in series and the cable run between the driver and the fitting should not exceed 10m. The driver should be located somewhere discrete, allowing air movement and be accessible for maintenance


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