Wide angle shot of a new build Red Cedarwood and brick house with welcoming driveway lighting
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Lighting for a new-build house in the New Forest

Cedarwood is a spectacular new-build house in the New Forest.  Brilliant Lighting worked with the owners to develop a sympathetic, flexible and practical lighting scheme that makes the most of the glorious architecture and lovely outside spaces.

Light brings out the colour and textures in the architecture

Red cedar is an extraordinary building material.  It’s lightweight, it’s insect resistant and most of all it’s beautiful.  You can see the way it interacts with light over the course of this photoshoot.  As the daylight fades and the cool evening light is replaced with the warm 2700K of the LED fittings hightlighting the building, the wood shifts from a cool blue-grey to a rich, warm red.

External step lighting at night

Pathways of light make the the outside spaces easy to use

The exterior lighting serves a number of purposes.  The house is at the end of a substantial drive.  Low level accent lighting creates a welcoming path of light from the gate to the front door.  The house is in a rural location but is surrounded by other properties.  The lighting is designed to be subtle and unobtrusive.

Lighting creates pathways of light that link the key external spaces together.  Low level lighting illuminates the paths, steps and garden features.  The pool lighting adds drama to the dining area.