External lighting for the terrace and the garden in the early evening
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Lighting a Modern Stone & Timber House

The house is situated in a National Park, and the location is a major influence on the house.  The build is integrated into a site with existing barns and outbuildings.  It makes extensive use of timber, a warm local sandstone and lots of glass.  Most of all it sits in a sheltered yet commanding position with amazing views of the garden and the countryside beyond.  The lighting scheme extends beyond the house making the internal and external spaces one integrated whole.

Matching fittings to suit the architecture

The strong architectural lines and bold finishes of this house suit a more geometric style.  We’ve blended bold square downlights with a striking contemporary chandelier and nature-inspired sculptured wall lights drawing you into the room.

Internal staircase with high ceiling and stone wall lit from a number of light sources including across the stair treads

Lighting a high ceiling staircase

The staircase and open landing area is a space with a very high ceiling and a spectacular stone wall. Rather than downlight the area we wanted to emphasise the focal points and use a variety of mounting positions to create layers of light.

Linear uplighting washes the stone wall while small accent lights wash across the stair treads.  Powerful, focused downlights illuminate selected pieces of artwork.

Linking the external and interior spaces

The house benefits from stunning views and a beautifully sheltered location.  Large windows and glass doors mean the interior and exterior need to be treated as a single space.  Continuity of high quality fittings is key here; keeping the colour and quality of the light consistent across the project.

Shot of external terrace looking through to the dining room showing the importance of colour consistency internally and externally

Highlighting local natural materials used in the build

A little exterior light can go a long way.  From this angle you can really see how the miniature recessed downlights highlight the wooden beams and how much punch you get from a small discrete LED.  A traditional lantern adds a decorative flourish in keeping with the style of the house.

Terrace of a new build stone house with architectural and decorative lighting. Electric blinds by Lutron
Evening shot of the Lutron controlled blinds

Blind control with Lutron HomeWorks QS

Electric blinds and curtain tracks are a natural progression for lighting control systems.  They let in and manage natural light and can be controlled from the same keypads as the lighting.

Elegant, engraved Lutron keypads make the system easy-to-use

Engraved, backlit Lutron seeTouch keypads control lighting scenes, manage natural light levels by controlling blinds and offer quick access to different audio sources.  Lutron’s seeTouch range is just one of the lighting control keypads we use.  You can read more about lighting control keypads here.

Lighting focal points in the garden

This bronze sculpture forms the centrepiece of this raised garden.  We needed to highlight the water feature while disguising the light source.  Hidden from view, out of shot in the planting is a high power adjustable spike mounted LED spotlight.

Elegant & practical bathroom lighting

Great bathroom lighting needs the highest quality of light, appropriately rated light fittings and careful positioning to deliver accurate shadow-free lighting.

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