Lighting for the pool and David Harber sculpture in a private spal
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Lighting a private spa

This project is a new-build pool/gym/spa complex in the grounds of an existing house with a redesigned connecting garden in between. Northern Design Awards 2014 - FinalistThe pool complex is very contemporary, glamorous and understated.  The connecting garden feels very private and, when subtly lit at night, almost magical.

This project was a finalist in the Northern Design Awards 2014.

Lighting a David Harber sculpture in a private spa and pool

The sculpture is a striking focal point

The raised platform, driven by the swim machine, could have been a visual distraction, and the client was initially wishing it designed out.  However rather than fighting it, we used it as the base of the focal point that we were looking for.  We commissioned and lit this wonderful sculpture by David Harber. The raised platform went from being a problem to a stunning part of the centrepiece in the space.

It is complemented with a wash of light down the bookmarked granite walls.  Before the wall and floor stone selection was finalised we took downlight samples to the stone warehouse, to find the best match between the characteristics of the stone and the characteristics of the actual light.

Lighting interconnects the different spaces in the spa

  • Linear LED fitting washing stone tiled wall and sauna lighting

    This treatment room with sauna is wonderfully warm, relaxing space. The colour and richness of the light is a key contributor to this.

    The sauna is the focal point, and to lead your eye to it in a soft, glare free way, we concealed punchy linear LED fittings in ceiling slots. The light in the sauna is exceptionally golden, and the slot lighting had to sit comfortably with it, without being so warm as to kill off the colours in the wall tiles. We experimented with a range of colour filters for the slot lighting until we got the balance just right.

  • Spa changing room lighting, simple wall washes to pick out colour and emphasise textures

    The spa complex is connected by a long, naturally dark corridor. The lighting leads your way through it, but by creating individual areas – eg; enhancing the snail shower off to the left – the corridor becomes interesting rather than long.

    It also illustrates the knock on effect of last minute changes: the downlights had been carefully colour matched to disappear in to the dark grey ceiling – and then the ceiling was painted white.

Staircase between pool and gym with step lighting

Simple LED tread lights enhance the spiral stairs that lead up from the pool to the gym.  The tall skinny shape of these fittings enable them to be installed easily despite going into a curved wall.

The gym is a bright airy space with a striking geometric, pitched ceiling.  We accentuated the angles of the ceiling with an up and down linear LED wall wash behind a coving running around the room.

  • Gym lighting with linear LED fitting installed in coving and central track
  • Gym lighting with linear LED fitting installed in coving

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