Project Overview

The house is situated in a National Park, and the location is a major influence on the house.  The build is integrated into a site with existing barns and outbuildings.  It makes extensive use of timber, a warm local sandstone and lots of glass.  Most of all it sits in a sheltered yet commanding position with amazing views of the garden and the countryside beyond.  The lighting scheme extends beyond the house making the internal and external spaces one integrated whole.

Matching fittings to suit the architecture

The brief

The strong architectural lines and bold finishes of this house suit a more geometric style.  We’ve blended bold square downlights with a striking contemporary chandelier and nature-inspired sculptured wall lights drawing you into the room.


We used bold square downlights as the main light source in this room.  The architecture demanded something a little stronger than usual.  N.B. The downlights used on this project are not part of our standard online range.  Please contact us for details.

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Bespoke Chandelier

Creating a centre piece not just for the dinning table but the room as a whole this bespoke ceramic chandler is functional as well as eye catching

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Leaf Wall Light

These tall, elegant wall lights look stunning in taller rooms and/or large spaces adding a real touch of glamour

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Linking the external and interior spaces

The brief

The house benefits from stunning views and a beautifully sheltered location.  Large windows and glass doors mean the interior and exterior need to be treated as a single space.  Continuity of high quality fittings is key here; keeping the colour and quality of the light consistent across the project.

LD56 uplight

These recessed uplights highlight the wonderfully textured sandstone wall and add to the general lighting for the patio area

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LD46 wall/downlight

Using the same LED technology as the LD56 uplights, the downlight version is used in the wooden beams from above, evenly spaced to give a gentle wash across the outside space.

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Statement Lanterns

These lanterns really add to the landscape design as well as adding a valuable light source lighting the steps down to the lawn.

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Highlighting local natural materials use in the build

The brief

A little exterior light can go a long way.  From this angle you can really see how the miniature recessed downlights highlight the wooden beams and how much punch you get from a small discrete LED.  A traditional lantern adds a decorative flourish in keeping with the style of the house.

Exterior shot - lighting for a stone and timber new build house

Coach lantern style wall light

Adding a coach style wall light to the buildings exterior adds another dimension from a lighting point of view and works really well with the style and feel of property

The wall lanterns used on this project are not part of our online range please contact us for details

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LD46 wall/downlight

These recessed downlights are used to wash down and highlight the wooden beams

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LD56 uplight

These uplights use the same LED technology as the downlights to highlight the natural sandstone. By using the same LED technology we can maintain colour consistency across the scheme for a harmonious look.

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Lighting a high ceiling staircase

The brief

The staircase and open landing area is a high ceilinged space.  Rather than downlight the area we wanted to emphasise the focal points and use a variety of mounting positions to create layers of light.

LD47 step light

Mounted into the stair riser these fittings with an integral tilt shine light across the stair tread.  With a medium beam the spread is wide enough to only need a fitting every other step.  We used a wet spray stainless steel bezel and matched the colour to the paint used on the wall for a very discrete finish.

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Recessed wall wash

To wash the striking floor to ceiling stone wall we used a ground recessed walkover linear lensed LED system. The optics allow us to light the whole wall from the bottom.

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High power surface mounted spot

This high power surface mounted adjustable spotlight is angled to light a piece of artwork mounted on the wall.  The fitting is colour matched to the ceiling making it unobtrusive despite being surface mounted.

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Discrete garden lighting

The brief

This bronze sculpture forms the centrepiece of this raised garden.  We needed to highlight the water feature while disguising the light source.  Hidden from view, out of shot in the planting is a high power adjustable spike mounted LED spotlight.

LD10238 spike spot

High power adjustable LED spotlight with ground spike for mounting

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Blind control with Lutron HomeWorks QS

The brief

Electric blinds and curtain tracks are a natural progression for lighting control systems.  They let in and manage natural light and can be controlled from the same keypads as the lighting.

Roller Blinds

Lutron blinds work seamlessly as a part of a HomeWorks QS system.  Choose from an extensive range of fabrics or work with us to use your own.

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Elegant & Effective Bathroom Lighting

The brief

Great bathroom lighting needs the highest quality of light, appropriately rated light fittings and careful positioning to deliver accurate shadow-free lighting.

Mirror Lights

Rather than use the lower quality lighting often integrated into mirrors or cabinets we opted to use high quality LED wall lights supplemented with downlights.

The exact mirror lights used on this project are not part of our online range.  Please contact us for details

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Dino Tilt & Rotate Downlight

A small, circular LED downlight with 28° tilt and 360° rotation. The neat bezel makes the fitting very discrete.

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Statement Decorative Fittings

The brief

A decorative fitting can be the chance to add some fun.  Typically the architectural fittings do the hard work but it is often the decorative fitting that grabs the attention.

Decorative fittings

There is a huge range of styles and sizes of decorative fittings available.  We have added a selection of our favourites to our online shop

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A warm welcome

The brief

The theme of lighting the stone and timber for a warm, welcoming look extends to the front of the house.  The same LED uplights are used to highlight the stone.  More powerful downlighting is needed as this area doesn’t benefit from the same interior light source as the back.

LD56 exterior uplight

These recessed uplights were used to highlight the textured sandstone wall.

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Dino Tilt & Rotate Downlight

A small circular LED downlight with 28° tilt and 360° rotation. The neat bezel makes the fitting very discrete.

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