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Why lighting control is so much more than mood lighting

The Glazed Link:  inside and out in the eveningWe’ve updated and added to the lighting control section of this website.  It’s been one of the development priorities for the site in 2015.  What we were looking to do is answer the question “why might I want to use a lighting control system?”

We meet people who are confused, intimidated or simply put-off by the idea so the purpose of the new section is to look at the different facets of what a lighting control system can do.  That’s the key.  There are different sides to lighting control systems and sometimes the practical benefits get lost in discussions of mood lighting, apps and controlling your lights with your phone.  Great lighting and lighting control are a fantastic combination so have a closer look at our new Lighting Control section here.

Looking beyond the glitz

What we’ve done is break lighting control functionality into different topics.  So you can drill down in sections on

We’ve also included a technical information section.  It’s got lighting control datasheets and brochures as well as links to lighting control manufacturer resources.

If you’ve got any suggestions for how we might improve the lighting control section please leave a comment in the comments section below.